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If you missed our live workshop in NOLA, you can watch the entire program now at your convenience.  Learn tips on how to increase catering sales and boost your restaurant profits from industry experts. 5 Pillars an off-premise business framework now referenced by hundreds of restaurants worldwide to boost off-premise sales and increase profits. Featuring: Erle Dardick - Restaurant Catering Expert, Founder & CEO, MonkeyMedia Software, Catering Institute, Catering Insights Fred LeFranc - Chaos Strategist - Founder, Results Thru Strategy - 30 year industry CEO including Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Hilton, and El Torito Michael Mack - Co-founder of Garden Fresh, Co-developer of University of San Diego’s MSEL curriculum Panelist discussion featuring: Brian Farris, V.P. Catering & Off-Premise at Schlotzsky’s Jim Rand, Vice President of Catering at Panera Bread Jackie Kurkjian, National Director of Catering and Backline Sales at Potbelly Sandwich Shop   Read More

Erle introduces us to the world of off-premise sales, and explains the history of the restaurant business and it’s sales channels, including takeout, delivery, and catering.  Don't forget to watch all 4 segments as well as Erle's Day 2 presentation. Read More

Erle shares how his successful turn-around strategy of a Vancouver Deli led to the creation of The 5 Pillars of Successful Restaurant Catering.  Erle also covers key points for catering vision and strategy, as well as the crucial elements that define either success or failure. It’s about market assumptions and opportunity.     Read More

In this captivating session chaos strategist Fred LeFranc talks ‘Grit, Guts, and Glory’ in regard to building your off-premise business. Fred breaks down the ingredients required to successfully lead a restaurant off-premise business and explains how you can implement these changes into your strategy.     Read More

Gain practical insights from restaurant executives with  experience and know-how. Erle and Fred ask some important questions to with Brian Farris, V.P. of Catering & Off-Premise at Schlotzsky’s, Jim Rand, Vice President of Catering at Panera Bread, and Jackie Kurkjian, National director of Catering and Backline Sales at Potbelly Sandwich Shop.     Read More

Michael Mack, The Co-Founder of Garden Fresh and co-developer of courses in University of San Diego’s MSEL Curriculum, educates us on how to cultivate conscious accountability and intentionality within any off-premise operation. Read More

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